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Ministry Reports

Children’s Ministries
Submitted by Inés Sánchez-Sosner

2016 Accomplishments
• We implemented a new check-in system. It seems to be working: parents as well as children are familiarized with the check- in and check-out procedure.
• We have implemented a spirit-focused class for the third and fourth Fridays of the month. This class is based on prayer – seeking to hear God’s voice and the Holy Spirit.
• After our Summer Shul, a group of kids visited our local police department to deliver letters that were written by our kids to thank them for their services. Our children were able to tour the police facility, and the police officers were touched by the letters. We are keeping communication open and are planning to bring our children for a more interactive visit.

2017 Goals
• To form a solid team of volunteers who are being equipped, encouraged, and empowered to teach our children on a regular basis.
• To motivate our children to spend more time with God and discover that spending time with Him causes them:
To Reflect God’s Character
To Receive God’s Blessings
To Rest in God’s Will
• To involve our children with community outreach.
• To have our three classrooms equipped with electronic/computer essentials.
• Setting a visual financial goal for the children to be involved in sponsoring a child through World Vision.

Submitted by Ro Pinto

Our group has been connecting for three years now, as we continue to grow closer to each other and to the Lord. We have seen some members come and some go, but always carry each other around in our hearts. As a primarily singles group, this is an important connection to make, as friendship sees us through many personal trials.

In 2016 a small group of us visited the Holy Land with a stop in Amsterdam to pay our respects at the Anne Frank House. The trip was open to all, and we had a few people join the tour from outside our congregation. It was amazing to meet up with Mishpocha from another south Florida synagogue, as well as take the flight home with our very own Rabbi Neil and Jaime Lash!

Our monthly meetings continue to foster great conversation and help each other to grow in our understanding of our Abba and His plan for our lives (not to mention the great food that is ever present!  )

As with years past, we celebrated Purim with a costume party/Esther reading that lasted into the wee hours of the morning; celebrated Passover and Rosh Hashanah; and let’s not forget our 3 ShabbatOn celebrations, with the last one under the sukkah at Ro’s house.

Our Chanukah party coincided with the Gregorian New Year, so we had a blast ringing in the New Year, playing games, and singing karaoke, as we recounted all the blessings bestowed upon us.

Our one disappointment this year was the cancelation of our Sabbath retreat. Perhaps it was the nearness to the holidays, but we trust that Abba’s timing is perfect. So when He says go, we will be ready.

Looking to the future, we will continue to foster and solidify relationships, meet together monthly, and add in new get-togethers (such as karaoke night, and game night) to our movie nights.

Dance Ministry
Submitted by Arlene Viehweger

2016 Accomplishments
• Six Congregational Dance Workshops were conducted with average attendance of 45.
• Five dance specials were presented by the Children, Youth, and Adult Dance ministries
• Children’s Dance Ministry increased to 14 participants.
• Youth have been assisting in congregational dance during Shabbat Services, and effectively produced and presented two dance specials.
• 2016 MJAA SE Regional Conference:
--Several TAK dancers actively served at SE MJAA Conference
--Arlene served as the primary Dance Leader coordinating all dance ministry for main sessions, dance classes, and symposium.

2017 Goals
• Adult Dance Ministry
-- Identify venues for community outreach
• Youth Dance Ministry
--Lead and co-lead congregational dance in Shabbat services
• Children’s Dance Ministry
--Present special for Purim
--Promote three of the children to the Youth Dance Ministry

Eshet Chayil (Women’s Ministry)
Submitted by Rebbetzin Ilene Vitkus

2016 Accomplishments
• Esther Tea Banquet was a huge success
• Women's Worship and the Word
• New event: “Paint Life Grand” Painting Party went great!

2017 Goals
• Esther Tea Banquet
• Retreat at the Ritz-Carlton
• Purchase a laptop for the ministry to use during events

Kingdom Youth (9th-12th Grade)
Submitted by Jabin Thomas

2016 Accomplishments
• Implemented sermon series prep learned from The Youth Pastor Summit in Orlando. Two high school and college students along with an older person are invited to take part in the preparation for an upcoming message series. Matthew Adams also taught this method to other youth leaders at Messiah Conference.
• Youth worship members Jabin, Matthew and Jermaine were asked to be speakers at the first ever Messianic worship conference “Meuchad” in addition to Matthew being asked to speak at Baruch HaShem in Texas.
• Painted the youth room (about sixty percent done with remodel)
• Implemented parent meetings learned from ARCH Summit that spread throughout the children's ministry where we impart vision and focus to parents, also letting them know the needs of the ministry and ways they can help.

2017 Goals
• Continue to use sermon prep as means of discipleship and mentorship between college and high school students.
• Finish remodel of youth room.
• Train youth for leadership roles in ministry.

Kingdom Youth Band Ministry
Submitted by Shantel Rouzier-Adams

2016 Accomplishments
• Holding Youth Band Auditions & Adding 2 new members! (Previously no new members since 2013!!!)
• Trying out alternative methods of worship during the song service: Painting, Prayer Area, 2 Way journaling, & Youth Dance.

2017 Goals
• Incorporate 2 weeks a month that include live worship
• Add more youth to the worship team/Hold more auditions
• Have a Youth-Night of Worship

Our Needs
• New Sound Board/In Ear Monitor system

Men’s Prison Ministry
Submitted by Elder Francisco Moros

The ministry is to a congregation of Messianic believers in a prison called South Bay Correctional Facility (SBCF) in South Bay Florida, on US 27; 60.7 Miles from TAK. It consists of about 20 faithful men and grows to about 30 men or more during the celebration of the Lord's feasts or when there is food.

Our role is to enable them to celebrate the Lord's Feasts by providing them with food and different supplies such as matzo and grape juice for the weekly Shabbat Blessings. We give them a yearly teaching on mikvah and hold a mikvah service. With the help of Jewish Jewels, we provide them with Messianic Jewish calendars. They are overjoyed when we visit them – usually on Saturday mornings at 8:00 AM, about every other month. They provide some time for us to speak to them which we use to bring a word of encouragement from the Bible and greetings from our rabbis and the temple in general. They give the temple their tithes, which consists of stamps. Some of them forego a meal in order to get a stamp so they can tithe.

There is opportunity to work for the Lord in local prisons in Broward County. Our brother Anthony Hill, who also ministers with me at SBCF, has been faithfully ministering for years at a local jail in Broward County. This year I received clearance along with another TAK man to minister also in Broward County but have not yet visited.

2016 Highlights
• We reapplied for and reinstated our volunteer status. We still need to finish resolving approval for Rabbi Joe and Jay Silverman.
• We were able to do mikvahs and bring both rabbis and have a teaching by Rabbi Joe – a joyous event.
• We assisted the inmates to celebrate the Feasts of the Lord throughout the year.
• We provided them with new kippahs and talits.
• We had a wonderful service where Steve Lenett washed the feet of about 20 men as I prayed for them. It was wonderful.

2017 Goals
• To have pending volunteers approved and get new volunteers.
• To continue bringing these men the help they need with supplies for celebrating the feasts and their Shabbat Services.
• To continue with the visitations and bringing encouragement once a month.
• To support Marlene Warner and the Women's Jail Ministry.
• To visit a local Broward County Jail along with Anthony Hill at least every three months.

Music Ministry
Submitted by Rick Greenberg

The TAK Music Ministry would like to welcome Yoni and Paulette Lainez to the team!
Thank you for your willingness to serve with us! Welcome aboard!
- TAK Music Ministry

I would like to offer my personal thanks to our seriously dedicated, very creative and highly anointed Music Ministry for consistently leading us into the Throneroom of God and special thanks to the TAK congregation for always being ready to enter into worship with us with exuberant joy and sincerity!
- Rick Greenberg
Music Director

Prayer Ministry
Submitted by Arlene Viehweger

• TAK Prayer Ministry consists of the following ministries:
o Altar Prayer (APM)
o Weekly Corporate Intercessory Prayer (Tues. evening/Wed. morning)
o Keep in Touch (KIT)
o Watchmen on the Wall (Intercessors for Israel)
o Email Prayer
o Prayer Room (pre/during services)
o Prayer Watches
o Inner Healing/Deliverance
o Nights of Healing
o School of Prayer
o Nat’l Day of Prayer/Day of Prayer for Peace of Jerusalem

2016 Accomplishments

• Conducted an All Prayer Ministries Appreciation Luncheon for 70+ volunteers.
• Approx. 20+ from TAK attended the Global Awakening Empowered 4-day School of Healing and Deliverance, WPB in February
• Altar Prayer Ministry (APM), with approx. 30 active volunteers, continues to effectively minister to the body of Messiah at each service.
• Three Nights of Healing were conducted resulting in approx. 15-20 healings at each service.
• Keep In Touch Ministry (KIT), continues to faithfully call and offer prayer to TAK members on a monthly basis; all contact info has been updated.
• Prayer centered children's classes transitioned from meeting monthly on Friday nights, as part of Shabbat School, to twice a month and has helped to identify the Children's Ministry's focus on becoming Kingdom Carriers.
• Watchmen on the Wall (Intercessors for Israel), consisting of 20+ volunteers, continues to pray weekly, and donated $900.00 to Holocaust Survivors and $700.00 to Elihana Elia.
• Five Prayer Watches were conducted prior to each of the feasts with Havdalah services presented by the elders.
• Inner Healing and Deliverance Ministry met with 8 individuals with much success; a connection was also made with another similar ministry to whom we can refer when necessary.
• TAK continues to participate in the following Prayer Initiatives: National Day of Prayer and the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.

2017 Prayer Ministry Goals
• APM team to participate in Global Awakening School of Healing and Impartation in WPB.
• Conduct APM seminar to further increase overall effectiveness at the altar.
• Tuesday Evening Intercessory Prayer will identify two additional individuals to facilitate on a rotating schedule.
• Wednesday Morning Intercessory Prayer will identify two additional men to participate.
• KIT will increase awareness of its purpose to the TAK membership to facilitate overall effectiveness.
• Kingdom Carriers' Friday night prayer centered class will increase meeting from two to four times per month.
• Inner Healing and Deliverance ministry will identify 2-3 individuals to assist in this ministry.
• School of Prayer will be conducted to further equip the saints to release His kingdom in our local communities.

Women’s Jail Ministry
Submitted by Marlene Warner

During the past year it has been very rewarding to experience all the training through another ministry and then be able to share that with the ladies from TAK who volunteered. Presently, we have 6 women committed to the ministry who have been cleared through Broward County Chaplain's Office.

Approximately 5 months ago, we were given the opportunity to have our own ministry as the TAK team on Monday nights. As we have more volunteers we will request an additional night for the TAK team to serve more extensively. We are planning to start including praise and worship in our time with the ladies and have been blessed to have a prayer warrior with us. We have also been blessed to see amazing responses of hope from the women we minister to and have had the opportunity to lead 3 inmates to know Yeshua.

We are looking forward to seeing how God uses us in the coming year to encourage them to choose God's way and not the world's way when they leave jail.

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