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Review of 2016 Annual Business Meeting Minutes

Held on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Devotional / Prayer

Call to Order / Opening Prayer / Devotional -7:37 pm., by Rabbi Joe Vitkus, read devotional, ‘’Vision Brings Victory.”

Review / Accept 2015 Annual Business Meeting Minutes

Steve Schwartz moved to accept the minutes as submitted and Steve Lenett second. Vote was unanimous on acceptance.

Ministry Reports

Rabbi Joe Vitkus gave highlights of reports from Benevolence, Drash Or, Dance, Sisterhood, Hospitality, Little Talmidim, Men’s Ministry, Missions, Music, Nursery, Prayer Ministry, Prison Ministry, Usher Greeter Watchman Ministries, and Youth.

Financial Reports

Rabbi Neil Lash gave an update of the 2016 Financial picture and answered questions.

2016 Budget Proposal

Rabbi Neil Lash, presented the proposed budget and used 2015 as comparison; questions were asked and answered.

Election of Deacons

Six deacon couples were put forth on the ballot for 2016; all were confirmed by membership vote.

The new deacon couples for 2016 were: Jerry and Yolanda Sabin, Frederick and Arlene Viehweger, Luis and Carole Coludro ,Stephen and Carla Villafana, and Rolando and Sara Padron.

“A Call to Ministry”

Activating God’s love through Us and Others. Rabbi Joe gave his vision -TAK needs to be a loving congregation.

Adjournment / Prayer

Meeting concluded at 8:28 pm

Financial Reports Ministry Reports

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